Premarital Counseling

The Prepare Inventory is the tool used in the pre-marriage sessions.  Prepare is a customized couple assessment completed online that identifies a couple’s strength and growth areas. 

This program helps couples: 

  • –  Explore strength and growth areas 
  • –  Strengthen communication skills 
  • –  Identify and manage major stressors 
  • –  Resolve conflict using the Ten Step Model 
  • –  Develop a more balanced relationship 
  • –  Explore family of origin issues 
  • –  Establish personal, couple and family goals 
  •  – Understand and appreciate personality differences  


  • Prepare Inventory:   $35 per couple  
  • $350 for approximately 8 hours of Pre-marriage counseling  (Four 2 hour sessions)  Can be paid in installments


“We are blessed to have had Pam come into our lives. Pre-marital counseling once seemed uncomfortable and overwhelming but we are so much stronger and more united than ever before because of it and because of Pam.  Looking forward to our first ‘tune-up’!”  Jessica and Matt

Pam helped us learn that love is beautiful, but marriage is hard work. She gave us the tools to celebrate the good times and work through the bad, and we will always appreciate our time with her.”  Kate and Ben

“Pam was an absolutely wonderful pre-marriage counselor!  She helped us find out so much more about ourselves and we became even closer to each other after our sessions. She has a real gift and we were so happy to have Pam help prepare us for marriage!”   Laura and Mike

“Through pre-marriage counseling you taught us that marriage is REAL!  You helped pull things out that we had never really talked about. Your advice was clear, effective and shared the great love of Jesus that shines through your heart.”   Stephanie and Nick

Contact Pam Hulstrand at for more information


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